Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Grumpy Smile Pehaps?

Recently an Australian anthropologist/ psychologist expert, Professor Joe Forgas, published his findings in the Australian Science magazine to support the hypothesis that Feeling grumpy 'is good for you'. Just taking the publication only on the value of the topic, one would be forced to accept that being a sour puss is better than a pleased pussy any day. No way José! … Or just maybe it is true…?

Well For as long as i can remember it has been said, ‚it takes twice the amount of muscles to frown than to smile’. Then, a hard muscular face was viewed as ugly while a soft chubby one a delight. Today we are led to aapreciate that the leaner and more defined you are the healihier you may be. So maybe thats what the goodly old professor was alluding to. But let’s not speculate. Let’s examine what his findings were.

According to the Forgas, people who are in a pleasant mood tend to be attentive, creative , flexible, cooperative and rely too much on their mental shortcuts; whereas their counterparts are forced to be more attentive, careful thinking; more organized and effective in communicating; better at decision-making; less gullible and attend to more details in the wider world. Even the weather (which we all knew) had similar effect on people: wet, dreary days sharpened memory, while bright sunny spells make people forgetful.

Aahhhh! I see. It is simple. The body is so intricately and purposefully made that everything the sensory receptors pick up is filed and interpreted resulting in the person’s response/ action. So when someone is in a happy mood, his receptors collect the stimuli and all are interpreted resulting in the corresponding happy mood of the individual. As a consequence, his defenses are lowered as the mood heightens. This usual comes with familiar territory such as being around family, loved ones or in a winning position. Instinctively, the body’s defense sends signals to the brain to relax the security measures a bit and allow the individual to enjoy the moment. That is why it is always easier to manipulate a tipsy drinker than a sober one. Got it now party animals?

The converse happens in the case of the grumpy person; all his defense levels are more acute and perked in the eventuality of an attack to the individual. The person by reason of his mood is less trusting of his environment and therefore takes super precautions to preserve life and property. This explains why people always exercise extreme caution when approaching a person in a foul mood.
The social longevity of the happy trooper is more guaranteed than that of the grouch. So, which do you prefer, guaranteed social butterfly status with a greater propensity for error or a scrooge with the defensive skills of an ultimate fighter?

Well everyone wants to be beautiful, if not all the time. Perhaps we could go the winners circle route and be a beautiful scrooge, someone who can wear a smile and a frown at the same time. Dont you think?

Now, let’s have your take
React…. Reflect…. & Reciprocate….!

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