Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Talk if Yuh Talking

Female Reggae singer Cherine Anderson was invited as a guest judge in the High School Musical competition, “All Together Sing”. Apparently, no one advised Ms Anderson of appropriate mode of dress or of the line of judging that she would be expected play as the Skin to Skin star came and put on a performance that was the apposite of her signature authoritative style and showing much more skin than desired.

For starters, Ms Anderson was unsuitably dressed for a High School event. What was she thinking in an Altar top mini dress and fishnet stockings? Which stage was performing on? Then if you thought her mode of dress was off, her comments offered no consolation: her assessment comments were restricted to these 5 descriptions, nice, amazing, sounds good, sell-off and I like it, which was mainly lost in her incessant giggling and on-cue laughter. But that would be better to watch as she wears a very captivating smile than listen to her rather artificial comment in describing all the choirs as nice or good knowing fully well that some rival the scraping sound of metal against glass.

Conspicuously missing in her limited vocabulary were related words such as harmony, melody, tone, choreography, movement, presence etc. She spent each turn complementing the performers on their look and even called on the cameraman to zoom in on one of the performer’s glam shoes. OMG!
Surely, Ms Anderson has spent far too much time outside Jamaica in those euphemism-stroking countries. Surely she has forgotten we are an incredibly resilient people and we can take as much as we give, and God knows, we are known for our overt generousity. And definitely she has forgotten to remember that we ask for the truth, brutal honesty, if you please, in your judgement.

So Ms Cherine, the next time you are invited to come over (tonight), please ensure you are in the right place, equipped with the right skills and vocab and don’t forget, tasteful dressing for the occasion. Then, wouldn’t it be nice, if at the end of your stint we all leave in a better (Kingston) State of Mind than we are now and learn at least one music jargon or tip from you…? If you are Tuff Enuff, show it.

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